If you are a home owner interested in selling your home, or merely interested in the current state of the Denver Metro real estate market, we are ready and happy to help you. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

There are 10 basic steps to selling a home

Step 1. The first step to selling a home is learning about legalities and the process of selling a home in Colorado. If you would like a handbook on the home selling process, we will immediately email one to you. Just fill in your name and email address here.

Step 2. Hire a RealtorĀ®. Call us at Ideal Properties, 303.320.7777. If you want to get the best price for your home, you will want the knowledge and experience of a real estate broker to help you with the transaction. Why choose us? To have your home sold at the highest price, in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of stress, you will need an experienced and successful broker. Our knowledge of the market coupled with our experience with the process will make the transaction easier and more profitable for you. Check out our individual pages, and you’ll see how vast our experience and knowledge are.

Step 3. Decide on the price of your home and what, if anything, you need to do to your property before you put it on the market in order to maximize your sales price. Pricing is the most critical piece of preparing a property to SELL – not just SHOW. >Most improvements made to a home help it sell, but cost more than they add to the price of the home. Request a free market analysis to determine the market value of your property?

Step 4. Complete all the required paperwork. In addition to the agreement required to list your home, there are several disclosure documents that are customary and necessary to complete a deal, including: square footage disclosure, lead-based paint disclosure (if the property was built before 1978), mold or other disclosures, and closing instructions (authorizing a title company to handle the closing.)

Step 5. Get your home ready for showings and for inspections. We will help you stage your home to make sure it looks its best. See Home Preparation Tips and How to Prepare for the Inspector.

Step 6. Review offers. Your Ideal real estate agent will present every offer received as soon as possible. We will negotiate the terms of the contract on your behalf and will prepare a counterproposal, when necessary.

Step 7. Review inspection objection, if any, and reach a resolution to the buyer’s objections. The buyer has the right to inspect the property and object to the condition of the property or inclusions. It is necessary that you resolve any objections. For example, you can offer to do repairs or give the buyer a credit against the purchase price. If the parties cannot resolve the objections, the contract will terminate.

Step 8. Confirm that the buyer has a loan commitment from a lender who is experienced and reliable, that will permit the buyer to purchase your home. The standard form contract has a deadline for the buyer to terminate the contract if the buyer cannot obtain financing. To avoid surprises at that time, we require a lender’s letter (from the buyer) indicating that the buyer is at least pre-qualified for a loan that is adequate to purchase your home. We stay in communication with the lender to make sure there will not be any problems proceeding to closing as scheduled.

Step 9. Review closing figures and documents. It is customary in Colorado for the Title Company to prepare settlement sheets for the parties which itemize all of the credits (deposits) and all of the debits (charges) due to and from each of the parties. The Settlement sheets are typically prepared after the Title Company receives input from the buyer’s lender of the amount of the loan and the amounts that the lender is charging the buyer for the loan.

Step 10. Pack and move. See these helpful links.

Request for Seller’s Handbook

If you would like more information on the home selling process. Request our Home Seller’s Handbook, and we will immediately email one to you. Just fill in your name and email address here.