Jewish Community in Denver

Metro Denver boasts a large and active Jewish Community with Denver having the largest local Jewish population. The Denver/Boulder Jewish Community has grown dramatically since 1997 and is 16th largest Jewish Community in the United States. The growing population continues to be widely dispersed across the area, a trend that emerged in the results of a 1997 Jewish Community Study.

Of course, every practicing/non-practicing Jewish person is unique and we all have an incredible array of interests and experiences. Ideal Brokers, Vicki and Wendy, are both members of the Denver Jewish Community and are able to provide loads of information for anyone wishing to know more. The links below are just a few possible areas of interest for anyone wanting to know more about the Metro Denver Jewish Community.

JEWISH? NEW TO COLORADO? You might be interested in obtaining a Newcomer Packet from the Allied Jewish Federation. Send an email to including your: Name, Address (including city, state, zip), Phone number, Name of spouse (if applicable), Names of children and ages (if applicable). Be sure to include “Newcomer Info” in the subject line of your email.

The links below are just an example of some of the centers of activity for the Jewish population of Metro Denver. There is much more to explore!

Here are some links to community resources:

Here are some links to local Synagogues:

Click here for additional communities.