Choosing a Realtor

One of the most important aspects of buying a house is working with a competent Realtor. If you want to be sure to buy the right property at the right price, you want the knowledge and experience of real estate broker helping you with the transaction.

You can search for listings on your own on this website here. Not all listings, however, are published to the public access websites. Your Ideal Properties broker has knowledge of the market and researching skills that will help you find the right property for you.

Once you find the place you want to buy, there is much more to do to complete the transaction. Your broker will prepare the necessary legal papers, negotiate terms on your behalf, help you secure the best financing, and handle many of the details necessary to get from contract to closing.

Hiring a Realtor makes buying a home easier. Having someone to look out for your best interest can give you true peace of mind.

We help our clients by:

  • Searching listings to help you find the right property, considering location (neighborhood, proximity to work, school district, etc.) size, architecture/style, condition, features, and price range.
  • Showing you all the properties that interest you. We can show you everything currently on the market including all properties listed on the multiple listing service (MLS) even if they are listed by a different broker, new construction (tell them you have a realtor), and properties that are for sale by owner (FSBO).
  • Helping you find the right loan from the right lender. We will recommend reliable lenders that we have used in the past and trust.
  • Researching comparable properties to help you decide on the right price to offer. We want you to understand the market and be comfortable that you are offering a price that matches the value of the property.
  • Negotiating and preparing the offer.
  • Educating you and keeping you informed throughout the process.
  • Encouraging you to take full advantage of your right to inspect the property and object to any unsatisfactory conditions.
  • Amending the contract when that is appropriate.
  • Watching all deadlines and keeping you on top of everything.