About Us

After many years of selling real estate in Denver from the same office building but with different companies, Vicki Porter and Wendy Levy joined forces to create Ideal Properties of Denver. The goal was to create a real estate company that would be a good deal better than the rest, and enjoy the experience along with our clientele. Our brokerage serves all of Denver Metro’s residents as well as those seeking to relocate here from outside the region. We especially encourage members of the GLBT community to contact us to find out how welcoming and comfortable our services can be.

We encourage you to review our individual biographies, and give us a call or send us an email. We’d love the opportunity to learn how we can best serve you and your real estate needs.

Meet the IDEAL Individuals:

Wendy Levy Broker/Owner
Wendy Levy
Vicki Porter Broker/Owner
Vicki Porter
Sharon Ennis Broker Associate
Sharon Ennis
Broker Associate

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Are you a real estate agent with a passion for helping prospective buyers and sellers in the Denver metro area? Learn more about the importance of choosing an employing broker and apply to join our team.